5 Steps To Follow For Color Coding Packing During Home Removal

Moving homes can be a hassle if not done systematically. A professional moving company in Ballarat will help you in doing that. But before that, if you wish to pack your things yourself, you need to do it in an organized way. Otherwise, it will become chaos once you move to the new place. Not only that, you might end up losing some of the things.

This is why, packing your things with a colour-coded system can help you a lot. Not only it will be in an organized way but also you will be able to keep track of all your things in an orderly manner. Here is a guide for you to follow in order to pack your things with a colour-coded system.

Coloured Duct Tape

For every box you pack, you are going to require coloured duct tape. You can buy them from your retail stores. Otherwise, you can also ask your home removal company to use them if they are doing the packing for you. Also, choose waterproof permanent markers to write on the coloured duct tape. You will be able to mark the boxes by writing on the top of the tapes indicating what has been packed inside the boxes.

Pack The Boxes Professionally

The colour coding process can only work when you pack the boxes professionally. If you mix up the items in the boxes, the colour coding system won’t work. Put similar items in the same box. While office supplies should be packed in one box, all fragile items should be kept in another box. You will also be able to label the boxes easily if similar items are in the same box.

Labelling Should Be Done Carefully

The label should be described properly. If the labelling is done properly, you can only open the boxes which you will require urgently. The rest of the boxes can be opened gradually. You can also stack the boxes in each room accordingly. Also, make sure you label the top of the boxes so that the team from the local moving company will know which way to place the boxes in the vehicle.

Use The Coloured Tapes Strategically

You can use the coloured tape on the top of the boxes. But several moving companies in Ballarat recommend using coloured tape on all the sides of the boxes. This will help you locate the box you require from any of the sides you want. It is also useful for movers to keep track of all the boxes by locating the colour easily. If you place the label only on the top, when the movers will stack the boxes, you won’t be

Create a List Of Your Boxes

Lastly, the best way to keep track of all your boxes is to create a list. You can create the list while you are packing. Otherwise, you might end up missing some of your boxes. You can make the list against the colours you have used to pack the boxes. You can make two copies of the list, one of which you can give to the removalist to help them keep track too.

Follow these steps to colour code all your boxes in order to move in an organized way. Also, if you don’t want to do it yourself, you can hire a moving company in Ballarat to do colour-coding packing for you.