Professional Piano Removals Services in Ballarat

We understand that a piano can be one of the most expensive possession you might own. Rules Removals specializes in offering piano removal services in Ballarat safely without any kind of damage. After all, apart from its shape and size, the most important thing in a piano removal is to carefully handle it while moving it and that takes skills.

Affordable Piano Removal services in Ballarat

You will be pleased to know that Rules Removals not only have skills but provide one of the most affordable piano removal services in Ballarat. We are well-known and trusted in this area whether you need removal service for local or interstate. We make sure to use only the right equipment and manpower for piano removal and pack it in a way that is safe for transportation.

Piano removals

There are several factors that will determine the cost of your piano removal. These factors include the moving distance, packaging materials, weight of the piano, vehicle charges and insurance charges if any.

The equipment we use for Piano removals are:

  • Protective packaging
  • Trolleys
  • Blankets, when required
  • Lifts

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    Our Piano moving process

    • We will require to get all the information regarding your Piano. The shape and size of the piano will determine the best way of packaging it.
    • Our team might visit your place to take a look at your home and your piano to determine the best way for its removal.
    • The main body of the piano will be packed with blankets to prevent any damage to the wood and the keys.
    • On the determined day of the move, your packed piano will be hoisted on a dolly which will be then moved onto the van or truck.
    • Once the team reaches the destination, they will plan the best route to unload your piano in the place you want it to be. If required, they will remove any windows or doors before taking the piano inside.
    • Once taking the piano inside, they will unpack the piano and reassemble it just like before.

    Meet Our Piano Removals team

    Our piano removal service team in Ballarat is well-known for its years of experience. They are friendly and professional. We are trustworthy and flexible enough to make sure that we will safely deliver your piano to your destination.

    FAQS on piano removals service in Ballarat

    • Can I move my piano on my own?It’s not that you can not move a piano on your own. The main problem is in order to prevent any kind of damage, you will need proper tools and packaging materials. Collecting these things can become a headache for you. Apart from that, since you are not a professional and experienced piano Removalist, it will be a time-consuming task for you.
    • Can I move my piano in a pickup truck?Although many people have moved a piano in a pick-up truck, it is not advisable. You will be unable to secure your piano properly in a pick-up truck which can lead to a lot of damage.
    • Does moving a piano will affect its tuning?If your piano is disassembled before the move, it is quite obvious that the tuning of your piano will be affected to some degree.

    The best way to move your piano is to contact a professional. Rules Removals will provide you with the best piano removal services in Ballarat and make your move stress-free.